Pug Necklace

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• Beautiful Pug Charm – A classic women’s necklace for ladies who love super cute Pugs, our jewelry has been designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans.

    • Cute Jewelry Accessory for Women – Each tiny Pug is one-of-a-kind piece for anyone who loves their Pug or just adorable animals.

      • Classic Birthday or Anniversary Gift – Pug accessories are a fun choice for men looking to get a wife, girlfriend, mother, or friend something special. It’s also a great way to represent your passion for being a Pug mom.

        • Gorgeous, Vibrant Color Options – We want everyone to feel like there’s a color to suit their particular style, which is why we offer this Pug charm necklace in rose gold, sterling silver, and traditional gold; get 1 or all 3 for mix and match looks.

          • Long, Adjustable Chain Length – Every Pug charm comes with a standard 16-inch chain necklace with a 2-inch extended chain length for quick and easy adjustments. This makes it wearable by young girls, teens, and adult women.

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